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UBConnect purchases new electric cars

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In its continued efforts to ensure sustainable development, UBConnect invested in new electric cars for their logistics and transport department.

Sustainability and sustainable development were important topics for UBConnect in 2021, ones that will remain so for years to come; UBConnect has pledged to follow UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to work towards creating a more intelligent and sustainable society. 

The most recent action undertaken as part of this initiative has been acquiring new electric vans. 

The specs yes 2

After comparing different options in the market, UBConnect picked Toyota’s Proace EV L2 Comfort, as well as e-Deliver 9, a model manufactured by Maxus, as they offer both comfort and function. Darko Radivojević, Manager for installation and transport, explains why they were chosen: 

-Safety was one of the deciding factors, as the e-Deliver 9 boasts both blind zone alerts and collision warning sensors. Both models have plenty of space in the back for cargo and are easy to load with all the necessary equipment. In our experience, both vans have a range of about 300km before needing to be recharged, which works well for us. 

Not the first, just the latest 

Darko shares that UBConnect has always had sustainability on its mind: 

-These are far from the first electric cars we have in our fleet; we have first generation Peugeot models actively in use, though their range is smaller. 

-The new vans will be used to transport telecommunication equipment to our teams in the field. Not only is it a necessary service, it is also one that makes our installers’ lives easier – instead of having to transport the equipment themselves, we can have it waiting for them upon their arrival, ensuring high efficiency in the field at little cost for the environment.  

Environmental consciousness yes

-The company is switching to electric cars because we’re highly aware of how important it is to protect our environment, and of the impact we can make by doing so. We [in the transport department] are honored to be the first department to get to contribute to the company’s objectives in this way, but we are sure this is only the beginning. 

-We’re happy the company focuses not just on telecommunication (as its main branch of work), but on innovating and optimizing processes in all other domains as well, says Darko brightly. 

-We also see it as a way to stay competitive in today’s market, and to keep in line with (or ahead of) our customers’ requirements. It’s a win-win situation! 

UBConnect will continue to develop in this direction and to employ strategies that align with its objectives of sustainable development. 

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