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UBConnect joins Fair Play Bygg

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As the first telecom contractor to do so, UBConnect AS has become a supporting member (støttemedlem) of the organization Fair Play Bygg Oslo, which works to combat workplace crime and ensure equal competition in the construction industry.

-It is gratifying that serious actors are taking responsibility for preventing social dumping and workplace crime in the telecom industry. We hope that eventually more people will join this collaboration. Fair Play Bygg will invest resources to follow up on this in the industry – and for this work we need supporters, says Lars Mamen, general manager of Fair Play Bygg for Oslo and the surrounding area.

UBConnect builds networks for all mobile operators in Norway. The company has full responsibility for the whole building process and covers the entire value chain, including project planning and management, telecom design, material/logistics and documentation. UBConnect has its head office in Fornebu.

The teams that carry out the physical work consist of specialists with a lot of experience and expertise in building base stations for the telecom industry. In addition to UBConnect's self-employed field teams, the company acquires services from both Norwegian and foreign subcontractors to ensure sufficient capacity and specialist expertise.

-We spend a great deal of resources, time and money on continuously securing and controlling employee rights and good working conditions throughout our supply chain, in Norway and abroad. We want to support initiatives that can contribute to a level playing field in the industry, says Lasse Bjørgan, CEO of UBConnect AS.

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Fair Play Bygg is a two-party collaboration between employer and employee. The collaboration is financed through voluntary grants and donations. Fair Play Bygg Norge is an association of local groups of Fair Play Bygg.

On Monday this week, the government presented an action plan to strengthen efforts against social dumping and workplace crime. The plan contains, among other things, a proposal to grant three-year support to Fair Play Bygg Norge.

-The fact that the government supports this bilateral cooperation between employers and employees gives Fair Play Norway's work even greater legitimacy. We therefore believe that membership in Fair Play Norway will help make us even more attractive as a supplier, adds Lasse Bjørgan.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Mamen, general manager Fair Play Bygg Oslo and surroundings

Lasse Bjørgan, CEO of UBConnect AS

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