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Digitalizing to deliver

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As a company that works for all leading providers of mobile service in Norway, and with an active presence in four European countries, digitalization is a crucial step in making UBConnect an efficient and productive company and ensuring we deliver results on time, every time, and with the best quality.

“The nature of the projects we’re working on now, especially these massive 5G rollout projects, is such that there is a lot of data that needs to be handled, organized and analyzed.”, says a spokesperson in UBConnect. “More than that, the needs of those projects necessitate the free flow of information, in order to optimize our work processes. The transfer of knowledge is a key element in making these projects a success.”

For those reasons, the company has decided to invest in going digital, and is developing tools and systems to help with that. The digitalization is happening across all countries we have a presence in and all departments, from project management to HR, and from the office to the field.

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After a period of analysis and mapping their processes, UBConnect decided to develop their own software for internal use in the area of project management, as well as other areas necessary for a successful project such as logistics, HSE, quality and efficiency monitoring, etc.

“Up until recently we’ve been using shared Excel documents to gather and analyze data, but that proved to be inefficient for the amount of information we get on a daily basis; that is why we decided to develop UBCube, a database, production and communication tool, completely based on Microsoft applications and fully developed to meet the needs of an engineering company specialized in massive mobile rollout projects.”

“UBCube addresses all concerns we have, ensuring all information is in one place and easily accessible, while maintaining the necessary levels of confidentiality and security that we pride ourselves on. In addition, the system can be linked to other programs, such as Microsoft’s Power BI, to more easily visualize data and get an overview of a project or site – something that’s far more difficult to do in Excel.”

Employee feedback

UBCube is now being used company-wide, and the response from the employees has been overall positive, the new system being met with approval from both management and employees. Most people state that, by having all the information in one place, searchable and transparent, UBCube makes them more efficient; instead of having to look through various Excel documents to find what they need, all they have to do is power up UBCube.

“An interesting fact about UBCube is that its name comes from an employee! When the system was in its first stages of development, we asked our employees to send in suggestions for the name, and then held a company-wide poll to determine the winner. The name UBCube received the most votes and became the official name of our new system.”

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Now, more than ever, it is vital to ensure information can quickly be sent and received, through proper and secure channels. Not only do we have people working from home, in the office and in the field, we also have almost 200 employees and offices in 4 different countries and are still growing; in order to be able to coordinate all those moving parts, communication and sharing are key. UBCube supports way-of-work knowledge sharing across countries, ensures all parts of the company follow the same processes and terminology, and provides transparency on a company level.

“We want to be seen as an innovative company, constantly improving in order to make our employees’ lives easier and their workday more efficient, but more than that – we want our customers to be satisfied with the speed and quality of our work, and digitalizing is just one step in achieving that goal.”

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