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UBConnect set to expand Telenor's 5G network

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UBConnect and Telenor have agreed to expand the 5G network in several new areas in Norway. In a short period of time, Norwegians in most parts of the country can enjoy a lightning-fast network.

In 2022, UBConnect will build a number of new 5G base stations for Telenor in Oslo, Viken and Vestland.

Ambitious 5G plans
Telenor has very ambitious 5G plans for the next few years, intending to deliver 5G internet to the entire country by 2024. UBConnect will build a third of their new 5G base stations in 2022 and will be Telenor's largest partner in 5G development.

"5G offers many new opportunities, and we are now investing great resources in building the 5G network. We are very pleased to have UBConnect on the team – and we feel confident that they will deliver quickly and of high quality," says Ingeborg Øfsthus, technology director at Telenor Norway.

Leading 5G developer

6048_foto_erik_thallaugUBConnect has been an important partner in Telenor's 4G development in Norway and the 5G pilots in Elverum and Trondheim. The two companies also recently entered into a major framework agreement to develop Telenor's mobile network (RAN – Radio Access Network).

Lasse B. Bjørgan, CEO of UBConnect, is pleased with the new major agreement.

"We are delighted that Telenor shows us this trust and for the great collaboration we have had for many years. This is in line with our ambitions to be the market leader in 5G development in Norway, in addition to being an exciting employer."

"The work of expanding the Norwegian 5G network will also give us a solid foundation for investments in other markets in Europe," says Bjørgan.

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