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UBConnect comes to Slovakia

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UBConnect, a Norwegian based international telecommunication company, has opened a hub in Slovakia. A main supplier of all 5G mobile network pilots in Norway, UBConnect has a highly active role in the latest 5G technology upgrades, as well as a unique international operating model encompassing several key areas related to designing, installing, and upgrading mobile stations.

The 5G revolution means more resources are needed to keep up with the demand, which is why the decision was made to expand to Slovakia. The new hub will participate in all international projects, focusing primarily on innovative solutions in the field of telecommunication services connected to 5G roll outs in Norway, as well as in other European countries.

Government encouragement

The process of establishing the Slovakian branch was started in 2021. The reception from the government, the Norwegian embassy in Slovakia, and the Slovakian embassy in Norway was nothing but positive and encouraging.

-We received guidance from all sides and were supported every step of the way. There was even some surprise when various government bodies heard we wanted to work with them! All parties were really eager to make sure we come to Slovakia, says Zuzana Habaj, the General Manager of UBConnect Slovakia.

Ideal location

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The owners and shareholders in UBConnect had some prior dealings in Slovakia,which is why it was singled out as the perfect country for UBConnect’s expansion. The town of Liptovský Mikuláš was chosen as the center of operations.

-Slovakia is in the EU and NATO, and has several agreements with Norway, which made it the ideal candidate, explains Lasse Bjørgan, the CEO of UBConnect Group. -Working in such a country helps increase our competitiveness overall and will aid us in expanding to other countries as well!

-Liptovský Mikuláš is small, but has a strong history of telecommunication work, boasting a high school of telecommunications, a corresponding faculty, and having many telecom companies choose it for a base of operations. It is also an attractive location and a tourist favorite, located in the very center of Slovakia, and with many points of interest in the area to appeal to those who are considering relocating. It’s a good combination of work and fun, says Zuzana with a smile.

UBConnect brings expertise

The development of 5G in Slovakia is slow-going. -There were a few pilots done, but only in big cities, shares Zuzana.

-Folks in the telecom industry here are really interested in UBConnect’s arrival. They are excited to learn about 5G and be a part of building the digital future. People see they can acquire knowledge that they haven’t had access to up until now.

-Another motivating factor are the Norwegian values and their way of working. Having that care and attention given to employees, and the vision the management has, coupled with the possibility of working with new technologies is a winning combination!

Open positions

-We are committed to growing our Slovakian office significantly and we are looking 

for people that want to join us, says Lasse. -There are several open positions necessary to support future growth: Project Manager, Telecommunication Engineer, Telecommunication Design Engineer and Field Engineer. We are looking for highly skilled and educated people, preferably with a background in telecommunication.

Help us connect the world by 5G! #hiringnow

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