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UBConnect and Caverion – a stable partnership

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One of UBConnect’s ambitions is to turn subcontractors into partners and grow both businesses together. Caverion Lithuania, a long-term partner, offer an insight into their journey with UBConnect and share what they gained from the relationship.

Caverion is an international company with almost 15.000 employees in 11 European countries. Their business is related to enabling smart and sustainably built environments; Caverion is involved in all stages of a building’s cycle, from designing to maintenance. This unique business model allows them to form closer partnerships with their customers.

-It’s not a simple customer-provider relationship, but we truly are partners. I believe UBConnect and Caverion do have such a bond, says Kristina Brogienė, Marketing & Communication Manager in Caverion Lithuania, Baltics and Finland Division.

UBConnect has done most business with Caverion’s Lithuanian team, which specializes in telecommunication work. The first person to initiate this cooperation was Audrius Rukanskas, Head of Export Department. -The godfather of our partnership, laughs Kristina.

-It has been a bumpy road, says Audrius. -But it’s been a very exciting time. In 2015, UBConnect was growing very rapidly, fueled by its ambition and supported by a very clever combination of market presence in Norway, and the competence and effectiveness of our people.

Openness is keyCaverion in Norway 6

Both Audrius and Kristina say they absolutely see the partnership between UBConnect and Caverion continuing and growing, and praise the cooperation overall, citing openness and honesty as key factors.

-We sent one of our project leads to [your offices in] Belgrade to observe your processes and learn about the company from within, and you were quite open to that. It was, again, a good learning experience for us, and this integrated approach to partnerships is something I think is very critical, says Audrius, with Kristina adding – And very healthy, for everyone involved.

-One thing that stuck out to me, when we began discussions, was that you said you wanted quality and compliances, and were ready to help us with activities related to coming into a new market, so long as we can bring a corresponding quality and performance, says Audrius.

Field worker feedback

-Caverion Lithuania is the only Caverion country that deals in telecommunication work. The partnership with UBConnect enabled us to develop this competence and have the necessary resources in house, while also offering some new and challenging experiences for Caverion’s experts.

Martin Skålvik  (9)

-The installers we first sent to Norway had previous experience in working on telecom projects, but had never been to Norway before, and were quite shocked by the severity of winter 

conditions. On the plus side, their telecom experience allowed them to share knowledge with other field teams, and even some tips and tricks on how to simplify certain tasks. Their families are also of the opinion that being in Norway changed some of the ways in which they act – driving in winter conditions is child’s play for them now.

5G opens doors

We turn the conversation to the 5G network, and Audrius admits he keeps asking the installers to show him the speed test on their screens.

-It makes you start to realize what the possibilities are, with such high speeds. We are really very proud to be working on this – just to touch this technology, and to see that you are a front-runner in the world is amazing. That makes us really well-positioned; other vendors and operators in Lithuania are really impressed with our references and experience, as well as our quality, attention to work safety, various compliances and environmental issues. When the 5G rollout comes to Lithuania, we will definitely be using our know-how to get a leg up over the competition.

Top of the mountain

Caverion in Norway 2

-We want to be leaders in everything we do, says Kristina. -To keep the highest quality, be the first choice of our customers, and a very reliable partner.

-It was amazing to me to see how UBConnect grew from a third-tier company to a market leader, and I really admire this ambitious management approach. We are trying to push our company to do the same, concludes Audrius.

-And I hope UBConnect will go further, and that you will invite us!, says Kristina with a smile.

A key partner

Lasse B. Bjørgan, CEO of UBConnect, shares that Caverion has been a key partner in UBConnect’s success in Norway so far.

-I am looking forward to the next few years and the 5G projects in Norway and in Europe. We have high ambitions to, in cooperation with our partners, be a key player in each market we enter.

-Caverion has been by our side through thick and thin since 2015, says Lasse. -Their high telecom competence, as well as their culture and attitude, suit us very well. We share the same values, which is a must to reach the level of mutual trust and respect needed for a true partnership.

-When it comes to customer and partner relationships, our company always thinks long-term. This helps ensure successful relations and results in gains and a healthy growth for all parties, concludes Lasse

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