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Opportunity in adversity

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The past few years were difficult for many, posing demanding challenges to individuals and companies alike, UBConnect included.

Despite these circumstances, UBConnect managed to experience growth, owing mostly to the rapid expansion of 5G in Norway and the need for skilled and experienced contractors; UBConnect currently employs an all-time-high number of teams, both in the field and in offices all over Europe.

New year, new look

The first quarter of the year was dedicated to establishing our brand, an effort that involved many months of preparation and resulted in a new profile and visual identity, better suited for a company that is a market-leading provider of digital infrastructure for mobile networks in Norway.

Anticipating the year ahead, UBConnect also moved to new offices in Technopolis, Fornebu - a technology HUB in Oslo with more than 100 companies on campus.

Asked for a comment on the move, Lasse B. Bjørgan, CEO of the UBConnect group said that he believed this marked a shift in UBConnect’s history. -This states that we are a tech company, working at the forefront of technology. It will also enable us to develop further as a company and broaden our service offering in the years to come.

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Bjørgan was quite right in his statement, as during 2021 UBConnect opened two new HUBs – one in Slovakia, and one in Poland, in addition to two existing HUBs in Serbia and the HQ in Technopolis. The new HUBs are fully up and running, ready to support our operations both in Norway and in other European countries.

The decision to expand to other countries was made to ensure having the capacity to handle all customer requests; one of the factors that necessitated an increased workforce was the agreement about expanding the 5G network in several new areas in Norway with Telenor.

This also warranted recruiting more employees in already existing offices, resulting in UBConnect hiring more than 50 people during 2021, as well as creating UBCube - a database, production and communication tool, fully developed to meet the needs of a telecom company specialized in massive mobile rollout projects.

Growth comes from within

In addition to functional developments and process optimization, UBConnect focused its attention inward, working hard to make their employees happy and engaged. Many different initiatives took place during the year, alongside the now well-established company-wide weekly newsletter: games and friendly competitions (such as the one nominating the Greatest Optimist), improvement proposals, as well as a week dedicated to sustainability, during which our employees both learned about sustainability, and took action to make their communities more sustainable.

UBConnect is also dedicated to helping their employees develop their skills and realize their talents. One of the methods introduced was the Yearly wheel – a series of conversations between an employee and their manager, charting a development plan for that employee and evaluating their progress during the year. UBConnect is also planning to form an independent training department which will focus specifically on employee learning and development.

The road ahead

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Dejan Čakarević, Director of Operations Delivery Center, remarked: - It’s with great optimism that we look to the next year, knowing that we have secured an excellent reputation with our customers based on this year’s performance, good contracts for the years to come, strong growth in all the areas and countries we operate, as well as a good group of competent employees.

-We put a lot of effort in becoming leaders within our industry in Norway. We plan to keep this position, as well as to step into other markets, and in order to do so we will continue our improvement, digitalization, specializations and growth.

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