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Looking for future stars of telecom

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UBConnect’s branch in Belgrade, Serbia had the honor of being invited to participate in Transport and Traffic Business Day (TTBD), alongside companies such as Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, Nelt and Gebrüder Weiss.


A long tradition

This event was hosted by the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. The faculty was founded in 1950 and has, amongst other programs, one dedicated to Telecommunication Traffic and Networks.


TTBD, organized this year for the 11th year in a row, held place on 6th Oct, on the first two floors of the main faculty building. Measures and precautions were taken by the organizers to ensure the health and safety of all those present, including a mask mandate and disinfection checkpoints.

A fair turnout

The switch to virtual classes and the pandemic resulted in a lower number of attendees than in previous years, but the turn-out was still fairly good, and the UBConnect stand drew a lot of attention from both young students and more experienced jobseekers, as well as the organizers of the event and the professors present.

The stand was manned by three of our colleagues, ready to give information about the company, counsel about potential career branches, as well as encourage attendees to develop further and acquire new skills in areas that interest them. The opportunity to get to know, converse and connect with so many young professionals was something the entire team truly appreciated.

Nurturing future stars

It’s often the case that students and new graduates are unsure of their knowledge and are not confident in their abilities. UBConnect prides itself on recognizing and nurturing talent, regardless of experience; we are always on the lookout for bright, innovative minds, eager to make a difference in the fast-paced field of telecommunications. To ensure the 5G revolution happens, we need equally revolutionary minds in all of our locations – Norway, Serbia, Slovakia and Poland!

If you would like to connect the world by 5G, check out our open positions at https://career.ubconnect.no. We are hiring!





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