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Growth on the horizon

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UBConnect is growing rapidly while development of 5G networks is speeding up in Norway and on the continent. The CEO steers ahead with a passion for people, team spirit, and cooperation.

The development of the 5G network is a race against time. The whole society is waiting impatiently to start using next-generation telecom solutions. When building 5G base stations, UBConnect is operating as a spearhead for the development.

Currently, around 1000 5G base stations have emerged all over Norway. UBConnect has built half of them and thus become a market leader in mobile networks.

– We probably would not have anticipated that five years ago. But it reflects well who we are; we enjoy competing and growing larger. We are proud of developing a 5G network in Norway, even if we are far from finished.

– The plan is that by 2024, Norway will have about 15.000 base stations, and we will continue to contribute to that goal, says CEO Lasse Bjørgan of UBConnect.

Knowledge in demand
A fully developed 5G network gives much-anticipated opportunities for a more intelligent society and groundbreaking business innovations. However, there is also a real sense of urgency in regards to societal security.

– The need for a new emergency network is another critical issue. It will enable police, health services, fire services, and the military to collaborate and communicate efficiently when facing a potential crisis, Bjørgan says.

Norway has gained a head start in developing the 5G network compared to many other European countries. However, the development catches speed on the continent, creating a great demand for experienced and efficient base builders.

– Norway being early on the scene makes us one of the first companies in Europe to gain experience and expertise on 5G projects. We aim to contribute to the 5G development in Europe, Bjørgan says.

Gathering new forces

Norway and Europe are in a hurry to build 5G stations and increasingly give a full-throttle. Therefore, the company has initiated a new operating model to accommodate the accelerating number of assignments and prepare for a quick expansion.

– We expect to grow by up to 50 percent in 2022. We are now implementing a new way of organizing our work digitally, Bjørgan says.

UBConnect is known for reliable deliveries and predictable quality. Nevertheless, with fast growth on the near horizon, Bjørgan is keen to improve the way they work.

– We are building several thousand base stations in cities, along the coastline, and on mountain tops. The greatest challenge we face is to secure a smooth flow of personnel and logistics in such environments. In the current expansion time, that may quickly become more demanding. We do already have a large and solid delivery apparatus. Still, our new operating model will expand the capacity considerably, says Bjørgan.

International, talent-breeding culture

6048_foto_erik_thallaugWhile the operating model rigs UBConnect for much greater workloads, Bjørgan also sees a need for more skilled people. So how is it really to work for UBConnect?
– I can assure you that it is exciting. You get to work with the latest technology. You may be motivated by the great significance your work has for society. Also, we are an open-minded and international company, working across many countries and cultures.

– Cooperation is a crucial word in our everyday work life. I aim to build team spirit and an open culture where all employees know what is going on in the company, Bjørgan says.

He adds:

I am passionate about a working environment where people can develop and bring out talents. We are looking for creative minds who can come up with new solutions for our customers. But the most important thing is that our employees are proud to work at UBConnect.

Bjørgan himself is a trained engineer, but his career led him into several leadership roles along the way to the chair of UBConnect.

And that was perhaps no coincidence.

– What I enjoy most is working with people, he says with a smile.

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