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5G technician – A job well above the ground

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Working as a 5G technician is a very exciting and varied job. We have visited two of our employees from the Transtema family who work high above the ground.

Our 5G technicians are out and about working in and around high towers and masts. They climb to high heights in order to install equipment as well as maintain and provide service when parts and components break or need to be replaced. Working as a 5G technician is therefore not a job for those with a fear of heights. We have been with two of our employees who work above the ground.

A real adrenaline rush

Robin Jonasson works as a 5G technician and travels around Sweden to expand Sweden's 5G network from north to south.

"I love working as a 5G technician because the job is so varied. It's fun and every day is completely different," says Robin Jonasson.

Robin is based in Kristianstad and is the team leader for two other 5G technicians. They work according to fixed schedules, but the places they work at varies every week.

"I travel a lot and get to see large parts of Sweden, which is enriching. I experience wonderful views that are rare. It's a real adrenaline rush to be at a high altitude and be able to look out over Sweden's varied landscape," says Robin.

Good relation among colleagues is also something that contributes to Robin thinking that 5G technician is the world's best profession.

"We work in fixed teams and have an incredibly good relationship. We have so much fun together when we work together during the day and eat and socialize in the evenings. It's very cool," he says.


Mast technicians have a special mission

In northern Sweden, our 5G technicians work in large geographical areas with long driving distances between assignments. There are cold winters and lots of snow. So much snow that our technicians sometimes must get there by snowmobile. Therefore, our technicians in the northern parts of the country have a special mission. We met Per Vestling, based in Umeå, who tells us more. "I just got an emergency job. It's 140 km there," says Per Vestling.

The large distances mean that our technicians in the north have more varied tasks. “I am an all-rounder. Otherwise it would not work up here in the north considering the long distances we have between the sites and the large geographical area we cover. I work with mobile networks, data communications, base stations, transmission and everything in between," says Per.

But the funniest and most exciting missions are when working on a mast. "I think it's fun, so I want to work more with mast climbing. Fortunately, these jobs have increased with the 5G project. It's also really fun that the two of us always work together when we climb, and together we can tackle the challenges since we often work alone otherwise," says Per.

Few women work as 5G technicians

Diversity is great. 5G technician is a job for everyone, both women and men, as long as you meet the medical requirements and don't have a fear of heights.

Per previously worked in an office and has actively sought out the field because he likes to work outside and see different places in Sweden. Per is one of our technicians who contributes fantastic photos of the places he visits.

"I don't want to sit in an office again, and I encourage anyone who thinks working as a technician sounds exciting to give it a try. No two days are the same, and you get to experience so many exciting things," concludes Per.


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5G technician – A job well above the ground

Working as a 5G technician is a very exciting and varied job. We have visited two of our employees from the Transtema...

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