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5G Electrified

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Our world relies on electricity in all aspects of life, and is a key element in connecting the world. Martin Skålvik, a licensed electrician, shares his experience, and expectations of working on such a monumental project as 5G is shaping up to be.

-I’m really excited to work in a company that is building 5G. I was watching TV and a piece aired that announced that Telenor is building 5G networks, and I know that UBConnect is the one helping construct them. It’s quite exciting, being part of something like that, says Martin with a smile.

Roaring 20’s

Martin is young, but eager to get started on helping build the 5G network - still, he has other motives to want to work with UBConnect in particular.

-I heard many good things about UBConnect that got me really interested in reaching out! Working in teams and having that kind of support, as well as the possibility of working rotations were what drew me in from a formal standpoint, but it’s so much more. I’m only 21, and have no strings attached – I want to travel, see all that Norway has to offer and experience different places and people, and I know that working here will enable me to do just that. I’m most excited to visit and work in Bergen.

-Plus – he laughs – I heard that you get to drive a snow-mobile or a four-wheeler to the tops of mountains, which is really cool!

Come aboard

Martin Skålvik  (23)-3Martin’s experience in the field of electrical engineering and in his previous job made him an ideal candidate for UBConnect – but what was the recruitment process like from his perspective?

-The position I was employed in previously did not require a lot of interviews, so I didn’t have a lot of experience with that kind of selection process, he confesses.

-There were several interviews held about the job, and about me and my experience. I was really nervous before that first interview, but the interviewers calmed me down, helped get my nerves in check; they kept the focus on describing my previous job, my qualifications, as well as on why I wanted to join UBConnect.

-It is actually very nice to meet and interact with different people from various departments during the whole recruitment, interviewing, and pre-onboarding process, because it gives me an insight into the company culture, he concludes.

A big revolution

-5G is going to be a really big revolution, and I’m thrilled to do my part in making it a reality, says Martin, and then shares it might not be for completely selfless reasons.

-Where I live, we get 3G, maybe 4G, so connecting can be quite slow. 5G will make everything faster, and will be an enormous step-up. I can’t wait!

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