Our grandparents connected our country by rail, we connect the world by 5G.


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Building the digital future

UBConnect is building 5G stations - the stepping stones for the digital transformation of society. In partnership with some of the world´s leading companies, we provide innovative solutions that increase the speed towards a more intelligent future community.

Our values



We are flexible, dynamic and fast



We are well-organized, and planning ahead - always delivering on time with high quality



We help each other and work together as a team of winners



We listen to our customers making sure we understand their needs and add value to their businesses

– Currently, around 1000 5G base stations have emerged all over Norway. UBConnect has built half of them and thus become a market leader in mobile networks.

The plan is that by 2024, Norway will have about 15.000 base stations, and we will continue to contribute to that goal, says CEO Lasse Bjørgan of UBConnect.

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– Someone has to go out into the field and build base stations for the new infra-structure - whether it is at the far end of Trolltunga in Western Norway or on a windswept mountain peak in mid-winter. In this case, it is "Team Johan and Dennis" who must endure weather and wilderness at
work in Norwegian landscapes.

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